Development Services

With our DEVELOPMENT SERVICES we offer the competence from a decades of development activity as an independent service for third party compamies.

Web Design

We implement your very own Website with world’s number one content management system, WordPress.

This includes:

  • Online Shop
  • Company Website
  • Private Portfolio
  • Custom WordPress Plugin


Industrial and/or Medical Software for PC and Mobile. Programming Languages:

  • .Net
  • PHP
  • Java Script
  • C++
  • ANSI C


Industrial and/or Medical Hardware

  • Schematic Design
  • PCB Layout
  • Custom Firmware
  • Motherboard Design
  • Product Functional Testing
  • EMC Test Preparation


The vision must be followed by the venture. It is not enough to stare up the steps. We must step up the stairs. If you have a dream project in your mind, we relize it for you. Contact us now, tommorow might be too late.

How it Works

Are you dreaming of a website, online shop, special software for PC of mobile, or you have an idea to produce your very own product, just let us know. We provide you with a free consultation service. After your needs are clarified, then calculate the working ours and let you know. If you agree the price and our Terms and Conditions, we sign a contract to realize your dream project. As simple as that. Are you ready?

Why Invest in EWTech?

We have more than a dacay of experience in industrial software and hardware development and testing. Our products will comply with all EU standards fully so you do not have to worry about CE declaration for your products.

One Time Investment

There is no development project without making mistakes. Most of the problems appear within first 6 months. That is why we guarantee all of our services for 6 months maintenance free of charge.



We are sure you are not going to do only one project with us because we are sure about our qualiy of service. Your satisfaction is our mission and passion.

We are programmed to receive. You can check out any time you like but you can never leave, just like Hotel California. 


We take security very serious. Our software and services will be presented in the market according to the latest known techniques in terms of security. This is specially important for our online store customers. Our WordPress-based websites will take care of the sequriy of your shop. You can trust us on that.


Our software and products are robust. We test them fully before delivery. They never fail during operation. Of course we are there for you if you think there is a problem but before you contact us please make sure you have read and understood the user manuals first. Maybe the solution is already mentioned there!

Fast and Global

From one hand, a quality product or software takes time to get developed and tested. We never sacrifice quality for quantity. From other hand, our years of industrial experience allow us to minimze time to market for your project.
Of course we are not limmitted to accept only EU customers but we always keep an eye on latest rules and regulation according to German Government to develope our business in other countries.

Want to realize your dream project?

Are You Looking Dive Into Development?

Partner Production Line

We not only offer the design and implementation, but also mass production as well through our experienced partners.
We can arrange for component delivery as well as PCB manufacturing and assembly services.

Testing Services

Testing is an integral part of any project for which we have years of experience. We offer our design services with guaranteed EU standard compliance. Your application needs special standard requirements? We take care of that.

Websites implemented

Products developed

Prodcuts Tested

years of experience