KNX IP Router

First Routing & Tunneling device of its class that needs no additional (neither external nor POE) power supply.
EWT-KNXIPTPRT can be used as a line – or backbone coupler and provides a data connection between the upper KNXnet/IP line and the lower TP KNX bus line.
The integrated KNX tunneling interface can be used to connect ETS for commissioning and diagnostics.
EWT-KNXIPTPRT has an integrated mechanism to reduce traffic in case of misconfiguration.
The EWT-KNXIPTPRT provides the ability to temporarily turn off the telegram filtering for commissioning and testing by pressing a button.
The IP address can be assigned statically or dynamically (DHCP).
The condition of the filter tables is indicated by LEDs.

It provides:

  • Galvanic isolation between Ethernet and KNX
  • Filtering the device oriented traffic according to the installation place and run time traffic according to the filter tables for group oriented communication

Available functions are:

  • Possibility to suppress device configuration from the sub line
  • enable or disable filtering of group messages
  • suppress unnecessary device oriented messages
  • shows bus traffic of main line on a web frontend
  • reduced number of unnecessary retransmissions


  • supports long messages (max. 240 byte APDU length)
  • 6 duo LED to display the bus status on each line. Bus Status, Traffic
  • added diagnostic functions
  • Web frontend with device and diagnostic Information
  • Firmware can be updated with a Web Interface
  • support full group address range in filter table with ETS 4 or newer
  • Lower installation cost due to no additional PSU
  • KNX certified
  • CE approved
  • Can be used with ETS3 and newer Versions.